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“He has overcome so much stress and anxiety by using the Wet-Dry-Try App. Writing comes much naturally to him now. I am more than pleased!”
– Angie Schott

“They love using the app and collecting their letter cards. I think it is a great app for reinforcing proper capital letter and number formation.”
– Lisa Trombley

“I think after using this app my daughter will be able to transition into the actual handwriting portion easier as she has the mechanics of how the letters should be written.”
– Stacie Lewin

“After many years of Occupational Therapy and pencil grippers designed to make them hold writing utensils correctly, it’s nice to find an app that teaches proper formation BUT is fun for my children.”
– Lynn McInnis

“The app was exactly what I needed! The basic premise was the same; a gentle introduction in correct handwriting, but the app also has the teacher tucked inside. That means a little less hands on for Mom, and something exciting for a reluctant writer.”
– Amy Jeanroy

“I would definitely recommend this app to any parent or caretaker who has a little one that needs help with handwriting skills. They will learn what they need to about writing and will enjoy themselves in the process.”
– Sally Owen

“I often found them grabbing the iPad and sneaking off into some corner to work on it themselves. I also noticed in their printing of letters to their pen pals that they were more conscience of what their printing looked like and I knew it was because of the influence of this App.”
– Lee Fisher

In the Media

Scholastic’s Instructor Magazine
Wet-Dry-Try App named one of the 50 best apps for teachers in Scholastic’s Instructor Magazine.
Wet-Dry-Try App featured in an article on about the on the role of educational technology in Pre-K.
Wet-Dry-Try App named one of the top five apps for Early Childhood Writing & Handwriting.

ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practicioners
Review of the Wet-Dry-Try app. (PDF Download)